8 May 2015

Work in Progress - Doughnut and Fox Prints for iPhone Cases

This week we have been working on a doughnut and fox print design for our iPhone cases.

The photos above is the work we've done so far.

We're currently editing the designs, experimenting with the placement and background colour, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

5 May 2015

New Arrivals: Blossom and Ice ream iPhone Cases

Two weeks ago we mentioned that we were starting an Alphabet Design iPhone case alongside developing an eyes, ice cream and blossom print for our iPhone cases. After experimenting with the ideas we decided to drop the Alphabet designs and started an ice cream and blossom print from scratch.

We have since developed the blossom and ice cream designs and added the iPhone 6 cases to the range earlier today. Take a look at the blossom and ice cream iPhone 6 case on our website and let us know your thoughts below.

Thank you! 


22 April 2015

New Prints - Work in Progress

Eyes and Cherry Blossom

Ice Cream

Images of eye print along with cherry blossom and ice cream designs.

21 April 2015

New Print Development

This week we started an Alphabet Design iPhone Case project, in which every week we will create two letters of the alphabet. We aim to work through all the letters gradually over the coming weeks.

Along side this we are continuing to develop an eye print we started a couple of weeks ago, as well as experimenting with a cherry blossom and ice cream print.

For the inspiration behind these prints, we have pinned some images on our 'Inspiration' board.